NLT SIRT Model 110 Training Pistols


NLT SIRT Model 110 Training Pistols

Safe, effective, and innovative, the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol was developed by shooters for shooters, to complement, not replace, live fire training. The SIRT Training Pistol brings together a host of patent pending technologies critical to improving shooting accuracy while addressing issues of cost and liability.


  • Dual Indicator Lasers - A red Trigger Prep Indicating laser gives you immediate feedback on your trigger mechanics while you prep your trigger. A green Shot Indicating laser (Pro Model) or red Shot Indicating Laser gives you shot indication feedback on your follow-through.
  • Fully Functional Rail - Mount your tac light or other devices directly onto our SIRT Training Pistol rail, just as you would on your live fire pistol.
  • Ergonomic Frame - Built to the highest standards of strength and durability, the SIRT frame has all the functional grip features of the Glock 17/22, and when fully assembled is designed to match the weight of your live fire pistol.
  • Resetting Trigger - The SIRT’s Auto-resetting Trigger allows for multiple strings of fire during training without racking the slide, encouraging more repetitions per training session.
  • Weight Training Magazine - The mags have a rubberized base plate for durability in training.
  • Laser Take Up Toggle Switch - The Laser Take-Up Toggle Switch allows you to shut off the Take-Up Indicating Laser, and just train with the Shot Indicating Laser. The Red and Green (Pro Model) Lasers may also be reversed with an internal switch.

Pro model features a realistic metal slide while the performer models feature a realistic polymer slide. 

Each SIRT training pistol comes with the following: (1) SIRT training pistol, (1) training magazine, (1) trigger adjustment tool, (1) laser windage and elevation adjustment tool

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