PARA-X Officer Aid Kit


PARA-X OAK - Officer Aid Kit

Having the essentials means everything and the PARA-X OAK offers just that!  It’s compact size and minimal contents make it an inexpensive option for those in the line of duty that just need the basics.

The Para-X OAK was developed with input from officers that were trying to keep down the size and weight of the medical kits that they were currently using.  The OAK offers only the basic essentials to help someone with a massive hemorrhage or sucking chest wound until further paramedic help arrives on scene.

The PARA-X OAK provides the necessary equipment to help mitigate and potentially prevent a mortal casualty.    


  • Elastic front retention for immediate needed item
  • Shock cord retention
  • Ambidextrous Molle loops on sides TQ pouch or retaining bands
  • Secure top cover
  • Extended flat pull for use with gloves
  • 2x2 velcro pile for medical cross, allergy, or other patches
  • Integral back slot to hold Benchmade 8 Hook, Shears, or Knife
  • 7.5" x 3.5" x 2.0"
  • 0.6 lbs kitted
  • CORDURA ballistic nylon
  • MOLLE mount

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