Force On Force 5.56mm Marker Rounds


Force On Force 5.56mm Marker Rounds

Enhanced Force on Force rounds are state-of-the-art. Force on Force marker rounds boast superior performance, distinct marking and reliable ballistics. Designed to be shot at soft tissue for the ultimate in realism, FoF rounds incur a pain penalty. Unlike other products on the market, these rounds are lead-free and thus safer for indoor use, environmentally friendly and prevent lead contamination and expensive cleanup. Marking agent never dries, making clothes washing and clean up effortless. Extended shelf life requires no special packaging. Eliminating the use of powder as a propellant reduces the mess with significantly less barrel fouling

Firearms must be equipped with an appropriate conversion kit.


  • Requires only a change of the bolt carrier group
  • Copper driving band engages rifling
  • Lead-free: environmentally responsible
  • Propellant-free: clean, smokeless, odorless
  • Extra-long shelf life
  • Far less fouling compared to competition
  • Durable marking agent doesn’t dry out
  • Primer-driven consistency
  • Marking agent wipes clean
  • Reliable performance
  • Recyclable aluminum cases
  • Improved visual marking
  • Appropriate pain penalty
  • Accuracy enhancements
  • Easier loading capability


  • Case Count: 500 Rounds (25 boxes of 20)
  • Caliber: 5.56mm
  • Cartridge Case: Aluminum
  • Projectile Mass: 4.5-grains (0.28 gms)
  • Projectile Material: Plastic
  • Primer: Lead-free based primer
  • Marking Compound: Non-toxic, washable
  • Shelf Life: Minimum 5 years
  • Recommended Storage: Cool and dry area
  • Accuracy: (Typical) - M16A2/M4: 5in (10.2cm) at 40ft (12.2m)
  • Velocity: (Average) - M16A2/M4: 350-500fps (107-152m/s)
  • Muzzle Energy: (Average) - M16A2/M4: 1.2-2.5 lbsFt (1.7-3.4J)
  • Minimum Safe Distance: 1-foot
  • Maximum Training Range: Approximately 60 feet (20 m)

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