FirstSpear Operator Outer Glove


FirstSpear Operator Outer Glove

Based upon a time proven and battlefield validated design that exposes the trigger finger and thumb for key weapon manipulations the OOG is not your average "black leather glove". Taking advantage of the absolute state of the art in carbon infused breathable goat skin the OOG is reinforced where needed and light weight where it is not. Slightly over sized in its design to accommodate an Operator Inner Glove (OIG) underneath it or to be effortlessly shaken off when required to be used on its own. The OOG provides the maximum of abrasion resistance and environmental protection while still giving you the ability to manipulate and operate your weapon(s). Details all the way down to the reinforced carabiner loop for transporting the gloves on your FS Load Carriage Equipment.

For use as stand-alone or to be integrated into an advanced combat system for your hands with the Operator Inner Glove (OIG) consider the OOG.

Inherently flame retardant by design. 

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