FirstSpear Operator Inner Glove


FirstSpear Operator Inner Glove

When maximum manipulation and tactility are required while protecting your digits consider the OIG first! Comprised of the most technologically advanced materials and modern construction details no corner is cut in this design. The trigger finger of the OIG has an advanced patent pending design that will still give excellent transmission of trigger feel, magazine release and other key weapons functions. The OIG can work as a stand-alone capability or when higher durability and toughness is required it can be utilized in conjunction with the Operator Outer Glove (OOG). In order to achieve this amazing level of peak performance the OIG utilizes extremely light, thin materials which by their very nature will not stand up to the extremely long periods of hard abuse but will perform through several mission focused cycles. The advantages in the OIG materials and construction is that these gloves almost feel like you are not wearing them, touch screens for your PDA's & Tablets can be utilized while they are on and your hands remain protected.

For maximum durability while maintaining contact, touch and feel consider using the OOG and OIG together as an advanced combat system for your hands. 

The OIG is inherently flame retardant by design.

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