FirstSpear Operator Contact Glove


FirstSpear Operator Contact Glove

The OCG is a mid-weight contact glove designed for professional users operating in a wide variety of climates and conditions. The OCG will provide warmth in conditions down to 40F and protection from thermal transfer in conditions up to 160F, all the while extremely light in design and maintaining great dexterity. The trigger finger on the OCG has an advanced patent pending design that will still give excellent transmission of trigger feel, magazine release and other key weapons functions. Materials selected for the OCG reflect the absolute state of the art for light weight, performance and function while maintaining exceptional durability.

If a wide range of rugged locations is your potential Area of Operations or you see 3 or more seasons in the execution of your pursuits, consider the OCG for use as an advanced combat system for your hands.

Inherently flame retardant by design.


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