FirstSpear Exigent Circumstance Pack


FirstSpear Exigent Circumstance Pack

A true Assault Pack, the ECP is quickly and cleanly attached to many different platforms or utilized in a stand-alone mode, carried like a backpack or as a single strap bag that keeps your shoulder pocket clear for the stock of your weapon. The exterior flap is secured with shock cord and provides enough space to hold a helmet, positive air breathing system like the CV420 or can be completely removed. The pocket inside the exterior flap can hold the Avon M53 Series Protective Mask and has an elastic daisy chain that is sized to hold flash-bang and smoke grenades. The rear-most pocket can hold an included comfort pad, hydration bladder of up to 3 liters, or optional internal frame. The ECP is designed to support your next “no knock, no warning” entry mission!


  • Dimensions: 17" x 14" x 4"
  • Total Capacity: 1060 cu in
  • Total Weight: 1.74 lbs

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