Batuca Multi Storage Battery Case


Batuca Multi Storage Battery Case

The latest innovative smart design to our line of Battery Cases and holders. "No more loose batteries!"

  • Holds up to 8 AA Batteries, or 12 AAA Batteries, or 8 CR2, or 8 CR123 batteries.(Fits most standard batteries)
  • These fun lightweight colored coded cases slide apart to create a system. The system and wells separate the batteries from contact and allow you to carry your spent or (dead) batteries on one side, (live) batteries on the other side.
  • BATUCA is no bigger than a shirt pocket, so it allows you to store it in a camera bag, glove box, desk drawer, traveling in your suit case, etc.

An all in one system to solve your battery storage and media needs!

Purchase our B-Bug to fit inside one side of the BATUCA and you can carry your memory cards and batteries all in one! Take a peek at 1020-B-Bug below to see the complete line. Also available in a variety of other colors.

Capacity: Eight (8) AA or Twelve (12) AAA, or Eight (8)CR123 or Eight (8) CR2 Batteries.

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